Monday, February 16, 2009


i read today in the WSJ about the harm in obama's words. i totally agree. i think things are bad but the doom and gloom from the media is making it worse. i remember a couple months before all of this- i was worried but not really.. then the media started talking about it nonstop and all of a sudden companies were letting go tons of people, etc. it comes to a point where it is too much information and complaining about our problems. i haven't read that many articles where anyone is talking about how to solve it. the stimulus is going to save us and everyone knows this... it is just throwing money at the special groups. if the news papers were honest about what was really in the stimulus and not writing along party lines - it would be a very different story.. it's disappointing really the way we have hope for the politicians but all they can see is their future political career.

check out the article in WSJ-

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